Saturday, October 8, 2011


  Welcome to our site. We hope you come back regularly to see all the milestones that have occurred throughout history on a daily basis. We know of sites that record historical events on a daily basis. We know of ones that record major sports accomplishments for each day of the year (we even have our own: and we know of sites that will tell you what the #1 song was for any day and date, but we have yet to find one that encompasses all three as we have done here. We have put this together as a way to celebrate our history. We also wish to offer it to you as a way to celebrate a person’s birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. As a thank you for visiting one of our affiliate companies and making a purchase of just $20, we will personalize a day for you to celebrate such an occasion.
   As an example, if you have a loved one or acquaintance who has a birthday we will list the greeting you wish under the appropriate year he or she was born. For example, if the person was born July 4 1985, we will cut in the greeting on the year with your well wishes (e.g. Happy Birthday to the best thing that happened on July 4, Love Mom). We will put the greeting of your choice. Simply email us, tell us what company you purchased from, tell us the date and year you are interested in and write the greeting you wish us to incorporate. We will email it back to you for verification and you could give it as a supplement to a card or gift, print it on a fine quality paper, forward it in an email, frame it or do whatever you can think of.
  Try to give us at least one week notice and email the information to We ask for your consideration in visiting our other sites:

                                                          Thank You

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