Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today is National Fluffernutter Day
1793  John Hancock, signer of the Declaration of Independence, died at age 56
1860  A telegraph line between Los Angeles and San Francisco opened
1869  The 14th President, Franklin Pierce, died at age 64
1871  The Great Fire of Chicago – 250 killed, 90,000 left homeless, and over 4 miles of Chicago were destroyed
1918  Sgt. Alvin York almost single-handedly killed 24 and captured 132 Germans – he had tried to avoid the draft as a conscientious objector
1922  Lillian Gatlin became the first female pilot to fly across the US
1934  Bruno Hauptmann was indicted for the murder of the Lindbergh baby
1935  Ozzie Nelson married Harriet Hilliard (Ozzie & Harriet)
1939  Nazi Germany annexed Western Poland
1941  Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson was born
1943  Comedian Chevy Chase was born
1944  “The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet” made its debut on the radio
1945  President Truman announced that the atomic bomb secrets were shared with Britain and Canada
1955  The world’s most powerful aircraft carrier was launched, the Saratoga
1965  The TV soap opera “Days of Our Lives” premiered on TV
1982  Poland banned the trade union Solidarity and all other unions
1998  Along party lines, the House of Representatives authorized the Judiciary Committee to inquire into the possible impeachment of President Clinton
1999  Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali, made her pro boxing debut – she KO’d her opponent in 31 seconds
2001  Tom Ridge was sworn in as the first head of the Department of Homeland Security
2004  At Alderson Federal Prison Camp, Martha Stewart began her five month prison sentence for lying under oath
2007  Marion Jones gave up 5 Olympic medals due to her use of performance enhancing drugs
2004  David Ortiz hits a 2 run HR in the bottom of the 10th to sweep the Angels in the ALDS
2000  Bobby Jones of NY Mets pitches a complete game one hitter to beat the Giants – 6th time in postseason history
1989  A’s beat Blue Jays 4-3 to win ALCS – Rickey Henderson batted .400 and stole 8 bases in the 5 games
1974  Vida Blue throws a 2 hitter to beat Baltimore and take a 2-1 ALCS lead

1967  Bob Gibson dominates again with a 5 hit shutout of the Red Sox
1961  Whitey Ford runs his World Series scoreless streak to 32 innings – a record
1960  NYY Bobby Richardson gets 6 RBI with a grand slam to beat Pittsburgh on Whitey Ford’s 4 hit shutout
1958  NYY beat Milwaukee Braves to win World Series – Braves batters struck out a World Series record 53 times
1956  Don Larsen of NYY pitches the only perfect World Series game
1961  Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles
1962  Sherry – The Four Seasons
1963  Sugar Shack – Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs
1964  Oh, Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison
1965  Yesterday – The Beatles
1966  Cherish – The Association
1967  The Letter – The Box Tops
1968  Hey Jude –The Beatles
1969  Sugar Sugar – The Archies
1970  Cracklin’ Rose – Neil Diamond
1971  Maggie May – Rod Stewart
1972  Ben – Michael Jackson
1973  Half Breed - Cher
1974  I Honestly Love You – Olivia Newton-John
1975  Bad Blood – Neil Sedaka
1978  Kiss You All Over – Exile
1979  Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson
1980  Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
1981  Endless Love – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
1982  Jack and Diane – John Cougar
1983  Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
1984  I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
1985  Oh, Sheila – Ready for the Wind
1986  When I Think of You – Janet Jackson
1987  Here I Go Again on My Own – Whitesnake
1988  Love Bites – Janet Jackson
1989  Miss You Much – Janet Jackson
1990  Praying for Time – George Michael
1992  End of the Road – Boyz II Men
1993  Dream Lover – Mariah Carey
1994  I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men
1995  Fantasy – Mariah Carey
1996  Macarena – Los Del Rio
1997  Candle in the Wind (1997) – Elton John
1999  Heartbreak – Mariah Carey

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